"You havent tasted Swaziland if you haven't dined at eDlandleni"



Emakhowe(mushrooms) with umbidvo (spinach) rollscovered in white sauce - E20

Tindlubu (bean) or or Tihlumaya rolls - E15

Cream of Tindlubu or Tihlumaya soup - E15

Lijoti (African cooking melon) - E15

Umgomeni (mung bean) soup - E15

Clear vegetable soup - E15


Emasi - A Swazi Speciality Originally prepared in an ingula (gourd) whicvh has a small hole in the bottom and a bigger one on top, the milk is poured in and allowed to ferment naturally. The ingula should be placed in a warm place. When Umlaza (whey) has separated it is drained out through the bottom hole and makes a healthy and refreshing drink. Emasi is traditionally served wth a staple food such as maize.

Emasi with: Emabele (sorghum) - the original Swazi staple food. Served cooked and ground - E30

Umcaba - Dried maize (corn) cooked and ground- E30

Luphutfu - mealie meal cooked to a crumbling consistency - E30



Traditional Peanut Chicken Local Swazi chicken prepared in a delicious peanut paprika sauce. - E55

Shiselweni Beef A Swazi favourite Grilled T bone steak prepared with lightly sauteed mushroom, onion and garlic - E75

Inkhukhu yasemakhaya (free range fowl) Cooked in a traditional swazi home style cooking - E60

Umhlololwane nomakhowe lightly seared beef fillet mixed with fresh garden mushrooms, garlic, onions and a garnishing on coriander - E75

Oxtail Simple but delicous oxtail cooked and traditionally reserved for Umnumzane (The Swazi man of the house/father) - E80

Imbuti Goat meat curry cooked in a mixture of locally grown Swazi spices - E75

Mutton Curry Beautiful Swazi mutton, cooked in an age old Swazi style curry, carefully prepared and stewed over time- E75

The above is served with your choice of porridge, Samp or Tihlumaya rice and seasonal vegetables. Samp = Also known as Sitambu this dish is made in Swaziland by wetting dry corn and pounding it in a mortar. This mash is then soaked and cooked for 4 hours with oil and salt over a low heat. Samp can be served with anything Tihlumaya Rice = A local variety of rice.



Vegetable Wrap Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked to perfection and served in a freshly made corn meal wrap - E80

Tihlumaya (cowpeas) stew - E75

Brinjal and emathapha special - E75

Steamed okra rolls in tomato gravy (seasonal) -E75



Imbuya (amaranthus) and porridge - E15

Ligusha (okra) and porridge - E15

Kwangekhatsi (tripe) - E30

Liver - E45

Gizzards - E45


Seasonal Dishes

Swazi Rabbit Wild Swazi rabbit marinated in white wine, lemon and a mixcture of Swazi secret spices. - E75

Impala in wine sauce - E80

Warthog - E80



Emasi cake - E20

Lijoti (African Melon) Pie - E20

Ice cream with guavas - E15

Chocolate cake - E15


All prices quoted in Swazi emalangeni (pegged to the South African Rand)