"The main spice in all our food is love, and so should it be in all foods"

"FOOD....think of it and most people conjure up images of warm comfort spreading through a circle of family and friends. Seldom do thoughts of food result in reminders of economical and ecological misery, warfare and struggle"

eDladleni is Swazilands premier restaurant for typical Swazi foods. Located in the Ezulwini Valley, Swaziland. Swaziland is known as the worlds last true Kingdom, and is a landlocked country hidden in the depths of South Africa. Started as a grassroots project in **** by Dolores Godeffroy, the restaurant aims to increase awareness amongst Swazi's about the richness and the diversity of traditional Swazi foods. In a country where modern day 'westernism' meets the traditional tribal lifestyle of Swaziland, a team of Swazis are fighting back and hanging onto the ancient means of preparing and enjoying traditional food.