The taste of Swaziland

The Purpose

The purpose of eDladleni is to kindle interest in traditional Swazi food. By doing this we hope to dispel the notion that we have to import our food in order to offer a tasty, nutritous and appealing menu that will be enjoyed by Swazis and visitors alike. Through carefully chosen dishes on our menu, we are celebrating traditional fare.

Our intention is to encourage the cultivation and preparation of local food with its myriad of essential vitamins and medicinal qualities and in turn empower and feed our people based on their existing indigenous knowledge systems. We only buy from local farmers and seek to support and empower local land owners.


The Restaurant

The restaurant has been praised by the King of Swaziland and many government officials. Yet it hasnt been all plain sailing. The restaurant was literally built by the sweat and tears of Dolores, who fighting against critics and hardship, made her vision a reality. The work is not funded by any NGO, bank or government institution, but rather by the will and dreams of a coreageous farmer, Dolores. Putting it all on the line in **** she began the task of building the restaurant and showing locals that Swazi food is a cause for celebration. Dolores employs Swazi staff and buys from local Swazis, an NGO in its own right.